About Us

Ashland Immunization Team was formed several years ago by a group of local doctors, public school employees, nurses, parents, local business members, Southern Oregon University researchers and public health workers. All these people were concerned and wanted to address the rising rates of unimmunized children through a variety of approaches. One of those approaches has been the creation of the Ashland Child website: a website that supports parents who are making the decision about immunizations.

The people behind this website live here. We’ve taken care of your children in our offices or at school, watched them at play in the park, dance on the lawn at the Green Show, and march in the parades. We have been part of the larger village that it takes to raise healthy kids. In other words, we are people that care deeply about your children and the community.

And we get it. We get that making the choice to immunize isn’t always simple, isn’t 100% risk free, and isn’t always supported by your peers or even your extended family. We get that your baby seems so very tiny next to that immunization schedule.

So, not only is it OK to ask questions and seek information about vaccines, but it’s a good thing to do as well. We want parents to be able to speak openly about their concerns to their providers. We want to make sure that you get the facts and information you need to make the best decision for you and your community. That means getting you the information about local rates and helping the community understand that the risk of not vaccinating here might be higher than another town or city. That is what we mean by “Ashland Child: Supporting the Immunization Conversation.”

We also want to work with and support local health care providers so they can assist you in this decision-making process as well.

Finally, we want those who do vaccinate to know it’s OK and we thank you! You don’t have to be a closet vaccinator, because the large majority of people do vaccinate. Unfortunately, not enough people in Ashland vaccinate to keep our kids and community safe from an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.

We promote a thoughtful approach to community immunity.

–Ashland Immunization Team