Welcome to our new look and blog!  We hope you like it.  If you are wondering what’s new besides the picture, well, here are a few items:

  • Updated and added vaccine pages
  • Added a blog (obviously)
  • Created a Facebook page

However, our goal and commitment is still the same: to provide accurate and relevant information about vaccines to parents, grandparents, students and even healthcare workers looking for vaccine resources.

This website isn’t just for those considering vaccinating, it’s also for parents who have vaccinated their children but might still have questions or need re-assurance that they made the right choice.

Are you a parent trying to help another parent make this decision?  Explaining the value and science behind vaccines is tough.  We hope to help.

Or maybe you are doing a project on vaccines for a class.  We’ve provided lots of local statistics making it a resource for you as well.

What will this blog have?  There is no shortage of blogs in this world so you might be asking why start another?  The Ashland Child blog will serve as a place to promote other immunization partners, to address current issues around vaccines and sometimes just have fun by highlighting some of the joys and quirky bits of living in Ashland, OR.